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In partnership with families and community, the mission of Central High School is to inspire in all students the desire to learn, the courage to lead, the value of proven character, and the commitment to serve.

​​      Character – Honor – Service​​


KCAL Visit

  KCAL will be on campus to visit with students on Monday, February 5th, during lunch.  Please visit their table if you have any questions or want information on CTE classes held at the Keller Center for Advanced Learning.

Parents of Central High School Seniors:

​​As the end of the first semester is nearing, there are several areas in which parents of seniors need to focus on.  These areas are important because they can cause issues leading to undue stress and complications when it comes to graduation and life after high school.  Here are several items that we would like all parents to be aware:

1.    Attendance

 Please make sure that your senior is meeting state requirements for attendance.  The state mandates that all students must attend each class period 90% of the days of each semester.   This will mean that your student may only miss 10 times per class per semester for 1st/5th period classes and 5 times for 2nd/3rd/4th period classes.  Additional absences can cause credit to be denied and a student to have insufficient credits for graduation.  Before/After school tutorials may be used to make up the seat time missed by students as well as Saturday school, but this time is extremely limited during the spring semester.  Please make sure to keep absences to a minimum and reduce absences as much as possible in the spring semester.  Attendance can be viewed on Home Access Center.

 2.    Grades

Grades tend to become a major factor for many of the senior class in the spring semester.  Whether it is senioritis, an extremely difficult course, or just getting caught up in the many things that can detract from a student's attention span, being able to make sure there is a passing grade for each class can become challenging.  It is also important to know whether the class grade is for a required course within the student's graduation plan.  Please make sure to check grades on Home Access Center often and check with their counselor to determine whether courses are required for your senior's graduation plan.  Senior students also try to predict what they might have to have as a grade to pass.  Many of these students forget to include the semester exam in their calculations, or do not calculate correctly.  Staying up to date on grades weekly can eliminate this and reduce the stress of a senior's final semester at CHS.

 3.    Semester Exams

Semester exams will be administered to all students from Wednesday, December 13 to Friday, December 15.  Attached to this email is a schedule of the fall semester exams.  All seniors will be taking exams. There are NO SEMESTER EXAM EXEMPTIONS for seniors.  Students who usually do not show up until 9:10 am will need not be here on Tuesday until at 9:45 am because of the extension of 1st period for this exam.  Have your student prepared for these exams; it can make a significant difference in their semester grades.

 4.    Yearbook


The gift of a yearbook lasts a lifetime. Buy your student's yearbook now at or pick up an order form in the office or in front of S009. Books cost $80 now and will go up in late January.


Note: This is a limited edition book, and we must put our copy count in during January, so order now. If you wait, you will pay a higher price, plus lose the option to customize your book or even guarantee we won't run out before you do buy later in the year. Don't miss out!

 5.    Graduation

 Graduation will be Saturday May 27, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.  We will be sending out information concerning tickets in February.  At that time, parents will receive an email detailing how to be able to request tickets.  Please make sure that you have all graduation items (cap, gown, announcements, and invitations) ordered.  Orders must be placed prior to January 31 to avoid a late fee of $20 or higher.  The closer graduation gets, the higher the cost of these items and the harder it becomes to get these items to the students on time.  You can order or check on an order by contacting Balfour at 817-355-1981 or visit them at the CHS page for Balfour at . Caps and gowns will be delivered to the campus in May, but all other items ordered online will be delivered on the Tuesdays that Balfour is on campus.

 6.    Life After High School

 Graduation tends to come quickly and when the ceremony and all the festivities have concluded, many students and parents are caught wondering what to do next.  Get a job for the summer, start summer college classes, join the armed forces, or apply to colleges or trade schools, these  are all questions that quickly catch a family off guard.  Have a plan for your senior for life after graduation and begin to check into what steps should be taken to make sure your senior is ready for their choice.  College applications are time sensitive and the armed forces have number limits for recruitment that could limit your senior's choices.  It is never too late to begin to plan ahead.

 7.    Scholarships

There are still many opportunities for scholarships that are available to Central High School students.  Many of these go unclaimed every year because parents and students do not know about or understand the requirements of the scholarships. Go to the Counselors Corner on the CHS website or to to investigate possible scholarship opportunities (user name: keller /password: keller).  Scholarships can provide much needed monies that could make the financial burden of school much easier.  Many of these scholarships are time sensitive and have requirements that have to be met prior to applying so investigating these early helps.

 8.    ACT/SAT

 If your senior has not either taken the ACT or SAT tests for college admissions, now is the time.  Students may register for either test online and may take them at a variety of times throughout the spring.  Information on ACT may be found at and for SAT at

 All the faculty and staff at Central High School would like to wish your family a joyous holiday and a Happy New Year!  If you have any questions concerning anything with seniors, please give my office a call.  Have a great holiday break!

 Jamie Yates

12th Grade Assistant Principal

AP Exam Registration

Registration starts Monday, Jan 8 and closes March 23.​

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