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In partnership with families and community, the mission of Central High School is to inspire in all students the desire to learn, the courage to lead, the value of proven character, and the commitment to serve.

​​      Character – Honor – Service​​


CHS News and Accomplishments

​​The six weeks has had many ups and downs, but we are nearing the end and if the turnout at the homecoming parade was any indication, we will be ending on a high note.  Here are some other pieces of news demonstrating how great our students are doing.

 Both Charger boys and girls swim teams came in 3rd place at the Keller ISD Sprint Invitational this past weekend! Way to go swimmers!

 Keller Central students auditioned for the Region 30 All-Region Jazz Band this past weekend. Congratulations to the following students who qualified (students with * advanced to the area round of all state jazz auditions).

 Tenor Trombone

Sarah Goldberg, CHS*

 Bari Saxophone

Rylan Villarreal, CHS


Joseph Adame, CHS

 Many Central Singers began preparing for the Texas Music Educators Association All-State Choir audition process by attending camps and studying privately this summer.  As a result of that preparation, the following students advanced on Saturday, September 16 to the second round of auditions.  Those students and their chair placements are as follows:

 Bryce Dubose (2nd chair, Tenor 1)

JT Durrwachter (1st chair, Tenor 2)

Kirk Logan (10th chair, Tenor 2)

Noah Thomas (4th chair, Bass 1)

TV Vaipulu (10th chair, Bass 1)

Gage McGuffin (12th chair, Bass 2)

Madison Whitehead (3rd chair, Soprano 1)

Jess Janca (11th chair, Soprano 1)

Madison Rowe (29th chair, Soprano 1)

Kira Hoggan (30th chair, Soprano 1)

Dina Alexandrides (33rd chair, Soprano 1)

Andrea Vasquez (1st chair, Soprano 2)

Magaly Gonzalez (5th chair, Alto 1)

Julia Matthews (13th chair, Alto 2)

Yelena Koos (16th chair, Alto 2)

Grace Sargent (19th chair, Alto 2)

Lain Grain (28th chair, Alto 2)

Juliana Obot (1st alternate, Alto 2)

 These students will audition again at Burleson High School on October 14th.

 Homecoming is this week and we would like to invite everyone to our first FRIDAY game at KISD stadium.  Game time will be at 7:30 pm.  Tickets are on sale through Friday at 1:15 pm in the office or online at the school store on the CHS website.  Homecoming Court introductions will be during halftime and our Lightning Dancers and Band will perform immediately after the game, so stick around after the game.  The Homecoming Dance will be Saturday, September 23 at 8 pm – 11 pm in the CHS cafeteria.  Tickets are $20 and available at school or at the door. 

 A reminder to all parents that the end of the 6 weeks is Friday, September 22 at 3:45 pm.  Please make sure that you check HAC for grades and contact your student's teachers with any questions that you may have.  Report Cards will be available in HAC on Friday, September 29.  Thank you for your continuing support of your students as we end the first 1/6 of the 2017-18 school year.  Have a great week.     



Homecoming Parade and Dance Info


Kick off Sept. 18th at 6pm from Lone Star Elementary School (North on Trace Ridge, East on Heritage Trace).  Community pep rally to follow at the school.


Dance is Saturday, Sept. 23 from 8pm until 11pm at CHS.  Cost is $20 which includes a drink, open dessert bar, and chocolate fountain.  Attire is semi-formal.​

Guest Request Form 2017.pdf

Senior Newsletter

​To All Senior and Parents/Guardians of the Class of 17-18:

We are in the middle of the first six week grading period and it is time to start looking at several things that will need to be completed before we head toward the remainder of the first semester. Here are some of the areas we would like to remind you of.


Don't miss out on a senior tribute celebrating your senior's life and upcoming graduation in the Bolt yearbook! All ad payment and information must be received by October 10.

There is a promotion expiring September 8 giving you a discount off the standard rate. The discount reduces the price to $75 for a quarter page, $150 for a half page, and $300 for a full page. We have extended this discount to give you a bit more time.

Traditionally, parents of seniors who purchase a tribute showcase their student's achievements throughout high school. It also allows our seniors to take notice of their fellow students' achievements and memories.

 TO PURCHASE: There are two options to buy a tribute. First, you may purchase a spot with cash or check made out to "CHS Publications" and bring an envelope of photos and text to the main office when ready for the yearbook staff to design the ad. Include the student name on the envelope. Or, email the photos (at least 300 resolution) to (making sure to attach each photo individually, not as one object). Digital is preferred if possible. In this method, yearbook staffers will create a tribute and send a proof for your approval.

 We have also opened up a senior tribute option on the KISD online web store (located at under the class of 2018 section. This will allow you to pay for your spot now and submit your information later while still getting the discounted price. In this scenario, the yearbook staff would create the tribute ad just like with cash or check.

 NEW THIS YEAR: Second, with the other option, you may choose to buy a tribute on the website and design the ad yourself once your text and materials are ready. Search for the Central High School store or use the link below, and then click "yearbook recognition ads" to pay and design. You can't purchase until you are ready to create the tribute.


 LINK TO JOSTENS STORE (click on "yearbook recognition ad" option in the list of products):

 ONLINE GUIDELINES: If you design your own tribute on the Jostens site, we ask that you avoid templates with angled photos or any non-square/rectangular photos. Note: We will edit the font to ensure consistency with the theme, and possibly may edit some things in the design for the same. But, as long as you follow the guidelines significant editing isn't too likely. Major changes will result in a proof being sent to you for approval.


 Seniors are invited to come present prom themes September 11 at 3:45 pm in Mrs. Pedigo's Room W318.



FINAL orders for the Class of 2018 Senior t-shirts are due to Mrs. Pedigo in Room W318 by 4:00 on September 15, 2017.


 After multiple days during summer, we only have a few chances left for senior formal portraits. Roughly 100 still need to be photographed for this section of the yearbook. Don't miss out on your place in history. Depending upon demand, we may add another date toward the end of September, but currently, September 16 is now open for scheduling online.

WEBSITE FOR SCHEDULING: To schedule, go to the website, click on "traditional sitting" under choose your experience, click the sitting option you want (yearbook sittings are free but there are more options available), and then click the date and time in the calendar that appears.

If you did not take photos during summer, make sure to schedule a slot for September 16. If you want a retake, you may schedule on the site as well. The final date in October will be scheduled by the school for any remaining students. Stay tuned for information on another date at the end of September if it's needed.


 Calling all seniors!! Join the PTA starting now until Oct 6th and be one of the TWO lucky winners. First prize is a Senior T-Shirt and Grand prize is a FREE ticket to PROM!!!                            

To join it's a $7.50 dollar membership fee. You can turn in the membership form attached to this email to the office along with your money or you can sign up online at The ticket to the Prom cost 75.00 dollars yours could be free just by joining the PTA!!



The following Colleges and Universities will have representatives on campus. Please continually check the Counseling Corner section of the CHS website for dates and times.  Feel free to come to CHS or have your student set up a time to meet with these people:


  • September 13th - Rice University - 2:15pm in CHS Counseling office
  • September 14th - Tarrant Community College - 2nd and 4th periods in CHS Counseling office
  • September 14th - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – 11:00 am - 1:15 pm CHS Counseling office
  • September 25th - University of Nebraska -  9:00am in CHS Counseling office



Attendance has already started to become an issue that can affect students during their senior year. Parents need to make sure that they are continually checking their senior's attendance on the HAC. Without continual attention to student's attendance, tutorial hours can add up quickly and can cause a great deal of stress before graduation. See the attached flyer to understand the basics of attendance and how it can affect your student.  If your student has lost credit due to attendance, please make sure that they complete their tutorial hours as soon as possible.  Tutorials can be done before/after school or during any off period for a senior with teacher permission.  Students can also make up time during Saturday School which will begin on Saturday, September 9 at 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.  Failure to complete tutorials can cause a senior to retake a course and can misrepresent transcripts due to blanks for earned credit.  The final day to complete tutorial hours is Friday, November 17 at the end of the day.




Now is the best time to buy your senior's FINAL yearbook because it's at the lowest price of the year ($65) AND includes free icons with the purchase of personalization/customization (your student's name on the cover). This sale will end September 15 so don't wait! Order yearbooks at (direct link to our store below). This is the preferred method, but we can take cash or check made out to CHS Publications brought to the office or S009. ORDER

NEW THIS YEAR: For those ordering online, new customization options include larger crests and monograms on the cover. The yearbook company doesn't offer these to those ordering offline, just the standard icons with printed name. If you ordered during the summer package on the school webstore, make sure not to buy another copy here. If you have questions, contact Roy Waggoner at

*If you bought a yearbook already with the senior package and are interested in icons, email Roy Waggoner at We can have you just pay the $6.50 price for the customization and choose your free icons. There were some technical issues with adding it to the KISD webstore as another option.



Communication with teachers and staff during the senior year is one of the best ways to avoid problems. Keeping up with your senior's grades, contacting teachers concerning classroom issues, and being proactive about credits with counselors can reduce the stress that naturally comes during this year.  Please communicate with all concerned, including your student, before issues get out of hand and add additional stress to their senior year.  We are here to help.

Please contact us with any questions.

Jamie Yates – 12th Grade Assistant Principal  

Central High School


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